Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

High-End Audio Components: A Must-Have For Home Theaters

by Kyle Kim

Much of the entertainment that modern consumers take in is accessed via streaming services online. Streaming has changed the way that homeowners approach the design of their home entertainment systems in recent years. As you begin planning the design of your home theater, consider the quality of the audio components that you invest in. High-quality audio components are vital to the success of your streaming experience.

Compressed and Compromised

Streaming services are capable of storing hundreds of thousands of titles on their servers at any given time. While this means that you will have access to many different options when wondering what to watch, it also means that the quality of each file can be compromised.

In order to fit that many titles onto a server, each individual file must be compressed. The compression process can involve the removal of small sound elements that, theoretically, will not be missed by the consumer. Some streaming services offer access to uncompressed files, but the most popular providers are still using compressed files to meet demand.

High Quality Means Better Sound

Since the sound quality of the entertainment that you will be consuming in your home theater room is already slightly compromised, you don't want to further lower the quality by investing in low-end audio equipment.

Only the highest quality speakers, amps, and subwoofers should be installed in your home. The higher the quality of your audio components, the closer the sound will be to the sound in the original, uncompressed source.

Maximizing Uncompressed Audio

If you do consume uncompressed entertainment files, then you will want to have access to high-end audio components that will allow you to fully experience the audio incorporating into these uncompressed files.

Low-end speakers will not have the capability of reproducing all of the sounds found within an uncompressed file. The sounds that cannot be produced will be omitted, essentially delivering the same type of audio experience you would get with a compressed file.

Quality audio components will let you feel as though you are transported to the original concert venue or movie set when consuming uncompressed forms of entertainment in your home theater.

Consult with an audio professional like Evolution Audio Video get an idea on which components will be best for your needs. You will want to strike the right balance between quality and cost so that you are satisfied with the way your home theater performs in the future.


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Using Audio-Visual Tricks to Memorialize Your Wedding

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